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Deborah Kressebuch

Born in Locarno, CH

Lives and works in Switzerland


I grew up in remote areas and despite studying and travelling in cities, I have always kept and increased my deep connection to nature.

I studied art in Lucerne and England and started my career as an art teacher in the mountains.

I discovered the mountains as well as the desire to travel and adventure through sporting activities such as climbing, snowboarding and as a shepherdess on an alp.

During the volcanic eruption of Eyjafjallajökull I was immersed in the sport of kitesurfing, which has influenced all my plans and activities ever since.


It took me months to the heights of the Bernina Pass, to the most fascinating coastal areas of the world and with catamarans to the sea and paradisiacal areas like the Bahamas. 


It is a fundamental expression of my adventurous life that blue mountains and breaking waves appear on my canvases - it is the wild enjoyment of the elements, the play with the forces of nature and the love for all shades of blue, which I absorb with all my senses in the snow-covered mountain world as well as in the depths of the oceans, lakes and lagoons.


The combination of my artistic and sporting personality leads to encounters like the art commission in Cape Town in March 2018 to paint pictures for a private permanent exhibition in a guesthouse.

Thus my painting, culture and art meet far away places, the wild nature of the coastal and mountain areas and their exploration and discovery in personal physical experience.


Whether it is my origins and my childhood in nature, the encounters on my innumerable journeys or the intensive experience of nature personally, my beautiful landscapes carry a clear and loud message:


The unconditional respect for our beautiful blue planet Earth, above all the blue element water, of which we ourselves consist, which we must preserve and protect uncompromisingly.




2003 - 2008 Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Luzern, CH

2007 Auslandsemester England, Bath Spa University, Fine Art Department, Painting


2008 - Rössligasse Galerie, Luzern, CH

2010 - Art in a Chickenhouse, Davos

2012 - Marziart, Int. Gallery, Hamburg

2014 - Showroom B. Röthlisberger, Wasen i.E., CH

2017 - Galeriebar zur Zinne, Horgen

2018 - Ospizio Bernina, Berninapass

2018 - GZ Oerlikon, Zürich

2019 - Amanjiwo, Capetown

2019 - Barry & Brian, Milano, Italy


2008 - 2010 Delta Atelier, London, Atelier und Galerie für Kunstschaffende

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