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Kristallgebirge 2017 Acryl auf Leinwand

Cyan. Kobalt. Ultramarin. Indigo. Saphir. Enzian. Türkis. Azur.

Welcome to the online gallery about the artwork of Deborah Kressebuch


The colors are mixed on the canvas into shapes, the forms into landscapes, the landscapes into mountains. The landscape is modeled in blue shades, rising to peaks, slopes, cliffs and snowfields. Winds pull over the cliffs and valleys. Nothing and nobody can stay here. These landscapes belong only to themselves and are visible from a distance but sometimes not even accessible.

These are places that remind us how small and unimportant we are, how eternally overwhelming nature faces us. We are not there to conquer it, we are forever guests and transient like a bud in the winter wind, a blade of grass under snow crystals. Perhaps there remains an image, an apparition, perhaps a faint memory of what happened here or has passed.

The landscapes do not need us humans to exist and live. They themselves are in their existence, surrounded by the elements, sometimes gentle, then great and powerful, stormy and never conquerable. They are in motion and moved, they are in the center of the spectacle and are themselves artist without equal.

Memories are awakened and we are sure to have already seen this place, this very summit - we want to name it, give titles. But these peaks will not accept the names because they are not conquered, not even in thoughts and memories, they are themselves and nameless.

Deborah Kressebuch

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