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During a trip to Mexico, the artist was commissioned to create a mural for the entrance area of a birth house in Mexico City.

Ixmucané (Maya language “Ish-Moo-kanay”) is the Great Grandmother of the Maya peoples and all of humanity. She is the female goddess, protector of women and creator of vessels.

Mother Earth, also Tonantzin, is everything giving birth, life-creating, cycle and circulation, becoming and passing away. In Mexico, corn embodies life. Life, vitality, nourishment and the continuity of generations arise from corn. This is told in the depiction of the earth mother in the corn body (corn in Mexico has all colors from yellow to white, blue, purple, purple, black, brown to red,...). At the same time, the earthly mother wears the dress of the Virgen, the virgin, de Guadeloupe, as depicted on every corner in Mexico: the cloak of the starry sky, the folded hands around the light of life, the body in the earthly dress of the plant world, standing on the red moon, symbol of fertility and connection to the cosmic, spiritual universe.

In my mural, the corn woman surrounds the lunar cycles where life begins in the interior of the earth, in the new moon, and grows towards the full moon. Plants grow there too, like corn, whose cobs are little sleeping babies.

At the same time, the corn woman surrounds the four elements, the fire in the red moon, the fire of life, the earth as the mother giving birth and nurturing, the air, starry sky, spirit and spirituality, the water, life-giving, our lifeblood.

Roots go deep into the earth's interior: our own roots, our primal knowledge, our origin, which makes this special place accessible to us again.

IXMUANÉ, lead us humans back to the original and all-encompassing understanding of life. To our deeply rooted intuition, which leads us as connected, loving beings in the care of preservation, far-sighted and sustainable, joyfully welcoming all coming generations!

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