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On the 2nd of September I painted this wave and was deeply concerned about the hurricane in the Bahamas. A few months ago I was allowed to spend a wonderful time in this paradise. It is hard for me to imagine how this area is now being devastated, the reports are frightening and I fear for the safety of all the wonderful people I have met on this inspiring and beautiful journey.


So I decided to donate this painting to the Bahamas. The highest bidder receives this painting, the amount is transferred to the rebuilding and support of the bahamians.




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Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas

My relation to the Bahamas

What to do with the donations?

How does the Dorian Auction and the collection campaign work?

Information about the painting





Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas


On September 2, 2019, the hurricane largely destroyed the northern islands in the Bahamas. The Bahamas consist of over 700 islands, of which Grand Bahama, Abacos, Andros and Nassau are the largest. Dorian has totally destroyed Abacos, villages, houses and nature have been cleared away by a massive tidal wave and winds of up to 300km/h. The islands have been destroyed by the hurricane. More than 2500 people are missing, the exact number is unknown. Most of the survivors are trying to get to the main island of Nassau and set up new facilities there. Grand Bahama was also badly damaged, partly massively destroyed.


My relation to the Bahamas


In winter 2019 I had the chance to live three months in the Bahamas on a catamaran and to travel with guests. There were many weeks in which we sailed through the Bahamas and discovered the beautiful island area. Lonely islands, a wonderfully animated nature and animal diversity, the most beautiful turquoise colors imaginable, crystal clear water and meeting people whose multicultural openness, hospitality and friendliness surpasses all cultures I have ever encountered. Bahamians help each other, without friendship and mutual support survival in this area is not possible. Especially the tragic effects of Dorian show how the Bahamians stick together and support each other - in Nassau a new dense population is forming, tolerance and multicultural cohesion are the basis for this.

The idea that some of the areas and villages visited had been largely destroyed shocked me and I knew where I could help, so I will do my best.

The picture Dorian is my personal occasion to express my gratitude to the Bahamians for the precious experience in their homeland.



What to do with the donations?


The auction and the money collected through the fundraising link will go to Bahamas Red Cross.



How does the Dorian Auction and the Collection Action work?


The Dorian Wave auction is available on Easy Auction at until 30 November 2019. The site is a professional auction platform and offers the usual options such as individual bids or entering a maximum price. The last auction amount will be published here on with the delivery of the painting.

The bid is excl. shipping, the painting can be shipped worldwide or collected on site. For questions about shipping costs or pick-up you can contact me quite simply by email:

At the same time there is the possibility to make donations via the Paypal related fundraising, for all those who do not want or cannot participate in the auction, but still want to donate. The amount will be transferred to my account and also on November 30th with the amount of the Dorian Wave 100% will be transferred to Depending on the amount, the fees for the Easy Auction and processing fees of the bank will be deducted, the final invoice will be proudly published here on this page. Each deposit will receive a payment receipt with thanks.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via email:

Dorian, The Wave for The Bahamas


3 canvases each 1x1m, depth 5cm, the canvas was mounted by hand on the self-made wooden frames

Acrylic paint, painted on 2 September 2019 in the studio in Wädenswil, Switzerland

The painting will be shown in the exhibition 'Nostalgia della profondità azzurra' at The Brian&Barry Building from 3 to 30 November 2019 in Milan, Italy. The auction will continue until the end of the exhibition and will determine the current price of the painting.

The motif of the wave was created during a trip to Cape Town, the colours were influenced by the trip to the Bahamas. Waters power, wave and wind - the painting is an expression of my experiences and an examination of the expressiveness of nature in natural forces with its fascinating wildness, beauty and power. They are captured moments, which are immediately withdrawn from reality and are difficult or even impossible to access for us humans.

The Dorian Wave is both a threatening force of nature and Bahamian's impressive turquoise beauty, combining the fascination experienced with the tragedy of Dorian's effects.



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